Monday, June 13, 2005


My Joann order finally arrived on Saturday afternoon, so I have a whole lot of very brightly colored acrylic yarn in my room. I got several colors of Caron Simply Soft Brights to make my friend a baby blanket. Also have the needle for my Secret Thing, and some dishcloth cotton.

Speaking of dishcloths, I made a cabled one on Friday, and gave it to Ellie to play with in her kitchen. My first cables! I am getting a lot of use out of the Sugar 'n' Cream left over from my Sigma tank.

I cast on for the blanket over the weekend and got through the bottom border and a few rows of the first stripe. The balls of yarn are a bit huge to lug around, so I have a ball of cotton in my bag for another discloth as my communte knit tonight. When I need a break from the blanket I can get started on my Secret Thing.

I also knit most of a little cape thing for Maggie that reads "puma bait." Long story behind that. I'm going to put a border around it and get some photos. Also need photos of all the new stuff. Really need to fit new stuff into stashket as well.

Oh, and the forum development is moving along, which is very exciting. Can't wait to have things ready for testers.

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