Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I am finished with my first pair of socks! Will document with photos soon. I did up a cotton dishcloth yesterday to fill up some time while I wait for my Joann order to arrive. It has the materials for my next two projects in it - the Secret Thing and SSB blanket. I still have ChildHood on the needles, but didn't feel like working on it this week. I need to get back to that eventually, before Ellie grows out of the size I'm making. I'm hoping it will fit her (if I finish it) when it cools off this fall.

A coworker, having seen the fabulousness of my first sock, has asked me to make two red oversized socks for her to use as holiday decorations, and said that she will supply the yarn. I think I can adapt the basic sock pattern in Socks Soar on Two Circulars - I want to get some yarn and try one, then I'll let her know what yarn to buy.

After I finished the dishcloth, I played around for a while to come up with a stitch pattern for a scarf. I think I have the beginnings of one that I like, and brought the remainder of my sock yarn and some needles to work today for further lunchtime experimentation.

I need to organize my stashket and figure out what to do with some of the leftovers I have in there. Also want to figure out how to organize my needles. I think the first step in that is making a list of what needles I have, so that I don't buy any duplicates.

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