Sunday, December 11, 2011

Laughingbird Scarf

Laughingbird Detail by ShelbyD
Laughingbird Detail, a photo by ShelbyD on Flickr.

This scarf pattern was inspired by watching swirling water in the wake of a boat that was ferrying my family to Laughingbird Caye, a small island park off the coast of Belize. The Carribbean was a remarkable light, fresh blue, and I was very happy to find this colorway of tosh sock to help me realize this pattern. Blocking really opens up this pattern and emphasizes the wavy edges.

380 yards fingering weight yarn, such as 1 skein madelinetosh tosh sock in Windowpane color way
Size 7 straight or circular needle
4 stitch markers (optional)
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
Blocking pins and/or wires

K -knit
p -purl
K2tog - knit two together
p2tog - purl two together
Ssk - slip, slip, knit slipped stitches together
p2tog tbl - purl two together through back loop
yo - yarn over
Pm - place marker
Sl - slip as if to purl
* - repeat between *

Dimensions: Approx 7 inches wide by 72 inches long

Gauge: 6 stitches per inch in garter stitch

Pattern notes
The optional markers offset the garter border stitches from the main lace panel as well as dividing the ten-stitch repeats from one another. The first stitch of each row is slipped to create a clean edge.

Cast on 36.
Knit first row, placing markers as follows if desired: k3, pm, k10, pm, k10, pm, k10, pm, k3
Knit 5 rows.

Row 1: Sl 1, k2, *yo, k8, k2tog* 3 times, k3
Row 2: Sl 1, k2, *p2tog, p7, yo, p1* 3 times, k3
Row 3: Sl 1, k2, *k2, yo, k6, k2tog* 3 times, k3
Row 4: Sl 1, k2, *p2tog, p5, yo, p3* 3 times, k3
Row 5: Sl 1, k2, *k4, yo, k4, k2tog* 3 times, k3
Row 6: Sl 1, k2, *p2tog, p3, yo, p5* 3 times, k3
Row 7: Sl 1, k2, *k6, yo, k2, k2tog* 3 times, k3
Row 8: Sl 1, k2, *p2tog, p1, yo, p7* 3 times, k3
Row 9: Sl 1, k2, *k8, yo, k2tog* 3 times, k3
Row 10: Sl 1, k2, *yo, p8, p2tog tbl* 3 times, k3
Row 11: Sl 1, k2, *ssk, k7, yo, k1* 3 times, k3
Row 12: Sl 1, k2, *p2, yo, p6, p2tog tbl* 3 times, k3
Row 13: Sl 1, k2, *ssk, k5, yo, k3* 3 times, k3
Row 14: Sl 1, k2, *p4, yo, p4, p2tog tbl* 3 times, k3
Row 15: Sl 1, k2, *ssk, k3, yo, k5* 3 times, k3
Row 16: Sl 1, k2, *p6, yo, p2, p2tog tbl* 3 times, k3
Row 17: Sl 1, k2, *ssk, k1, yo, k7* 3 times, k3
Row 18: Sl 1, k2, *p8, yo, p2tog tbl* 3 times, k3

Repeat rows 1-18 23 times or to desired length.
Knit 6 rows.
Bind off all stitches.

Block to desired width, using pins or wires to enhance the wave shape inherent in the pattern. Weave in ends.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, thanks so much!!

Florence said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty pattern. Thank you!

Gebreidesjaals: Knitted Scarfs or Scarves said...

very lovely and nice scarf. is there a chart also? ? mieke

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get started, already have the yarn. One question, where did you get your blocking mats, they look perfect for scarves.
Thanks, Betsy

ShelbyD said...

The blocking mats pictured are from Knit Picks.

Laura de Argentina said...

absolutely beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

Beautiful! Thank you for posting your pattern.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful!!! Thank you!

Healed_by_Fire said...

I am almost one skein through this and it's beautiful...using Lion Brand Amazing-Aurora....can't wait to see the finished project after it's blocked. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

Oh, this is lovely ...

crazedredhead said...

made a chart of it (charts just make my brain happy, what can I say), you can see it over here:

This is a gorgeous pattern! I'm having fun knitting it too

Amarilis said...

Thanks . It's very nice.

Ashenlachie said...

Hi Shelby,
just found Laughingbird on Ravelry and wondered how best to increase width to make it a stole?
I think it is a beautiful pattern.

Ashenlachie said...

Hi Shelby, I have just found Laughingbird on Ravelry and wondered how best to increase it in size for a stole?

ShelbyD said...

You can increase the cast on by multiples of 10 to increase the width. Maintain the three edge stitches on either and repeat the pattern stitches as many times as needed. For example, if you cast on 56, pattern stitches each row would be repeated 5 times rather than 3.

Ashenlachie said...

Thanks for the prompt reply :-)

Anonymous said...


Someone asked for a chart for the pattern as well but the link does not seem to be working. Could you post the link again please.

Thank you

April Edwards said...

chart for the repeat.

saucy said...

Gotta question about the Laughingbird Shawl; I would like to make it wider than 7 inches. what's the multiple of the number of stitches for this pattern? Is it any multiple of 10, plus 6? Thanks!

BeagleChase said...

omg.....i am soooooo in love with this pattern!!
i did a test run with sock yarn til i got the stitches....
i'm doing this with artyarns ensemble light, 50/50 cashmere/silk in an *almost* laceweight with just an insane loft.....
O...M...G... it's so gorgeous!!
thank you for sharing ♥