Monday, August 06, 2007

Birthday Cake Hat

Bea's Birthday Cake Hat
Originally uploaded by ShelbyD
I broke my resolve to finish up everything in my finishing drive before starting anything new. In my defense, I had a deadline for this - the baby's first birthday!

The hat is from a pattern in Itty Bitty Baby Hats. I made a few very minor adjustments. I added fewer rows of pink frosting than called for in the pattern. I also sewed the flame and candle together prior to sewing the candle on the hat, so I could run the end of the flame yarn on the inside of the candle. Materials are Cotton-Ease (white) and Sugar 'n' Cream (pink and yellow).

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Finishing Drive - Status as of 8/1

I have resisted the urge to cast on anything new, enabled by a very hectic workload that has cut deep into my evening knitting time.

Childhood, needing half of a front, sleeves, and neck/button bands, plus finishing - All knitting done! Sleeves sewn on and one side seam sewn up. I hereby declare the sewing on of snaps/buttons outside the scope of this finishing drive
Yarn for second sock of current pair (Math #1) - Still working on the leg
Limeade dishcloth - DONE!
Haiku, needing buttons - DONE!
Love Me Al plastic bag bag - DONE! Finished up over the weekend