Friday, July 09, 2010


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This yarn was too perfect for my Project Yarnway socks. The leg of the sock has a little candy cane pattern on it, precisely the name of this colorway. I coveted it for almost two hours at knit night last night before I finally broke down and resigned myself to starting the socks over again

I also took advantage of starting over to make some adjustments to the cuff and an update to the chart that I'd been considering. I got through the first cuff and one repeat last night after I got home and it looks really cute in the new yarn!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jul i Juli

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Over the long weekend I finished the pair of socks I was working on, Swirl Socks by Maia D, and was ready to cast on a new project.

I wanted to start another pair of socks, since we have the Stitches and Scones sock retreat this coming weekend. I pulled out the July slip of paper for my personal sock club. I realized that I had already used up the yarn planned for the July socks to design the pattern I made for the sock retreat participants.

Since that idea was a no go, I thought I would try to find another project, maybe something for the July Project Yarnway challenge, which is "Christmas in July" (in Swedish this is "Jul i Juli, " according to another of the Project Yarnway participants). I went down to stand in front of my stash cabinet to see what struck me.

I thought about winding yarn for a sweater, but it's too hot out. I thought about making a scarf for the little one out of the yarn she picked out at the Indiana Handicraft Exchange, but I wasn't sure about the stitch pattern to use. I even thought about just working on the projects I already have going, but that was fleeting.

Finally, my eyes alighted on this skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the Jingle Rock colorway. Christmas! Socks! I immediately remembered a stitch pattern I had wanted to try and had my idea for Project Yarnway. I have one cuff and leg complete, though I've made an adjustment in the chart that may mean I need to rip back. Since I'm just changing one knit stitch in the repeat to a purl, I might be able to manage it by dropping stitches down and picking them up with a crochet hook. I'm really happy with how they are going so far and hope to have both socks and the pattern completed by the end of the month.