Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I gave up on my Secret Thing for now. I still really like the pattern I devised, but the yarn is just not right for it. When I have some more money in my yarn budget (June is tapped out) I will buy some more suitable fiber and try again.

I joined a knitalong for Nothin' But a T-Shirt from MagKnits, and will use up several balls of the Cotton-Ease I bought on Friday for that project. I swatched last night and hope to start knitting today. I started a thread for it at the forum, and nona offers an update every Tuesday at nona knits.

My baby blanket is coming along very well. It's getting too big to drag back and forth to work, so that's another excuse, um, reason, to start the NBAT.

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Tracy said...

Not sure if you'll see, but I left you a reply on Summer of Lace about Branching Out. I did one in KSH a couple of weeks ago and it worked out beautifully. I didn't make mine the full length as I was adding tiny beads down the sides and I wanted more of a drape than wrap around style. I probably only used half a ball so I'm sure you'd get the full length or as long as you need from one It really is a pretty yarn to go with.