Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ravelry Rocks!

Last week I received my Ravelry beta invitation. It is frickin' awesome. It is splendid. It ROXXOR. Other people who love what I love! Yarn and relational databases, together at last! I've added some of my past projects and a bit of my stash to my notebook and am inspired to catalog the remainder of my yarn. I'm finding photos and tips for projects I want to make, all in one place! Just this morning, the famous Kate Gilbert added me to her (extensive) roster of "friends"! I added some of my little patterns to their database, and someone added the flag bib to their queue! My punctuation repostitory isn't exhausted, I am actually this excited! I love it like Greg loves his iPhone.


In other news, I started a Titled Duster from the Fall 2007 IK two nights ago, in the Cascade 200 navy wool that I bought a while ago to make the Equestrian Blazer (a pattern by Kate Gilbert, by the way). I halted work on the Blazer when I realized it wouldn't be a good shape for me, and I've had these nine balls of lovely wool kind of hanging over my head ever since. The Tilted Duster is just perfect for putting it to use.

I recently finished my clapotis (another design by my BFF Kate). This is the only photo I have so far, of me wearing it during my night out with Greg two weeks ago to celebrate our eighth anniversary. We went to a great restaurant in Hollywood called the Hungry Cat (where the photo was taken) and saw 3:10 to Yuma at the Cineramadome. In between we visited a huge record store filled with young people with skinny pants and questionable facial hair.

Last night we had rainy weather for the first time in living memory, just about, and after the girls went to bed I sat on the couch with my knitting, and my laptop, and a cup of warm tea that Greg made me and listened to the thunder. Mmmm, autumn.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm currently working on the second sock of a pair in Lorna's Laces Jungle Twist, and a hat to match the sweater vest I made for Pumpkin earlier this week. I've also recently finished a clapotis for myself.