Thursday, June 02, 2005

I've got a Secret

After some time with Vogue Knitting, my needles, and Excel, I think I have a pattern ready for my Secret Thing. Woo-hoo! All I need now is for my Joann order to come in, with the needle that I need.

I turned the heel on my sock at lunch today, and between that and drafting my pattern design I feel like the Queen of Knitting. I think my earlier lackluster attitude toward the sock was based on its pain-in-the-ass false starts. I ordered Socks Soar on Two Circulars from Amazon earlier this week, and am looking forward to its imminent arrival.

I'm thinking of adding a knitting magazine or two to my wish list, but I haven't seen enough of them to have a good idea of which to subscribe to. Any favorites?


Anonymous said...

I'm partial to Interweave Knits. -"Lina Lamont"

ShelbyD said...

Thanks, Lina! I will look into Interweave Knits.