Friday, December 31, 2010

Year end stash 2010

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Now everything fits on the smaller kitchen table. Compared to my stash at the end of last year, this is significantly smaller!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Projects

I've been knitting for 6 years as of Christmas Day - happy knitaversary to me!

This year, I have finished projects containing 29,151 yards of yarn. I keep track using and my Ravelry projects list. The Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry also reminds me to put in totals once in a while.

Here's the stuff finished in 2010, courtesty of Knitmeter. How do I still have yarn??

In roughly reverse order of completion:

  • Aleatoric Accent balance 1,210 Yards
  • Dry Sea 80 Yards
  • Grapes of Math 1,090 Yards
  • Two Movie Scarf 90 Yards
  • Burberry Cowl 256 Yards
  • Tulip Rib Socks 320 Yards
  • Delft Socks 350 Yards
  • Squarish Hat 220 Yards
  • Clare Square 920 Yards
  • Nancy Drew Shrug 280 Yards
  • Papa Topper 138 Yards
  • Succostash 700 Yards
  • North Face Hat Pink 160 Yards
  • North Face Hat Purple 100 Yards
  • Chance Cowl 240 Yards
  • Camoimetry 110 Yards
  • Pink Granny Cloth 120 Yards
  • Ombre Cascade 5,280 Yards
  • Monster Socks 350 Yards
  • Tape Towel 142 Yards
  • Towelly Thing 240 Yards
  • Oliver Set 75 Yards
  • Fraternal Socks 400 Yards
  • Kindy Dress 430 Yards
  • Linneaus 485 Yards
  • Little wobble 100 Yards
  • Garland 380 Yards
  • Peppermint Stick 350 Yards
  • Turbulent socks 350 Yards
  • Wobbly Kudo 160 Yards
  • Laydee Hat 80 Yards
  • Ladybug Bib 40 Yards
  • Grapefruit Sookies 40 Yards
  • Lido 200 Yards
  • Alcyone 300 Yards
  • Index Blanket 1,500 Yards
  • Xmas practice cloth 40 Yards
  • Mossy Jacket 250 Yards
  • Sampler stripe crochet stole 550 Yards
  • Dog Ugly 840 Yards
  • Bobo Bebe 185 Yards
  • Wavy Hat 80 Yards
  • Modern Babe Blanket 1,000 Yards
  • Blair 220 Yards
  • Pink practice cloth 40 Yards
  • Lindale in Lornas 350 Yards
  • Pillow case for BH 50 Yards
  • Spring Picnic Purse 250 Yards
  • Lindale Lace - Noro 350 Yards
  • Lindale test - 1 sock 175 Yards
  • Primaverde socks 375 Yards
  • Petal Hat 70 Yards
  • Weaver's Mini Shawl 475 Yards
  • Bright Ase 360 Yards
  • Spa Mitt 30 Yards
  • Melisma III 570 Yards
  • Sari Moebius 200 Yards
  • Amused 1,000 Yards
  • Baby Sophisticate 180 Yards
  • Muslin Kaweah 250 Yards
  • Kaweah 300 Yards
  • Mushishi Ombre blanket 2,425 Yards
  • Melisma II 530 Yards
  • Forgot Hat 1 250 Yards
  • SockwarsV - #1 360 Yards
  • Rambeau 110 Yards

I have three projects going right now, including two items for my Project Yarnway final collection and a scrap yarn blanket that is hypnotizing me in its simplicity. What else will 2011 bring?

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Two Movie Scarf Pattern

Two movie scarf
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My four-year-old fell in love with this bulky pink Malabrigo Rasta last week when we stopped at Klose Knit in Illinois on our way home from our Thanksgiving trip to Iowa. I started this scarf for her last night while watching a movie and it was done in time to wear out in the snow this morning. Put in a movie (or two) and crank out some snuggly scarves!

1skein Malabrigo Rasta, 90 yards (use 2 skeins for an adult size)
Size 11 needles
Large darning needle or crochet hook for weaving in ends

Gauge: 2 stitches per inch

Cast on 12 stitches.
Row 1: slip 1 with yarn in back, *purl 1, knit 1*, repeat from * to last stitch, purl 1
Repeat Row 1 to desired length or until almost out of yarn.
Bind off all stitches loosely in pattern.
Weave in ends.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


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I improvised these socks back in August while I was on a business trip. They are named after the plane rides to and from the location. I charted out the design on a post-it note, I think.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Amount of holiday knitting I have done: NONE
Amount of holiday knitting I have planned: NONE
Amount of holiday knitting I have thought about: NONE
Amount of time I have to feel guilty about the above: (Maybe a tiny bit, but pretty much) NONE

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still knitting...

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..bad at blogging. I should probably try to do NaBloPoMo in November just to get back in the habit. I have enough in the Flickr queue from the last few months that it would be pretty quick and easy to get caught up with a short post each day.

I am quite busy with work and family but always have some knitting going. One of my projects on the needles at the moment is the mate to the sock pictured here. It was designed as part of a challenge for Project Yarnway last month and the second sock has been languishing in my knit bag only a third complete. I should get it out and work on it this weekend while I visit with my houseguests - my dad and his wife drove out from Iowa yesterday for some granddaughter cuddles.

I have one other project in progress at the moment, but it's a gift for one of my fans and I don't want to spoil the surprise until it's finished and received.

Friday, July 09, 2010


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This yarn was too perfect for my Project Yarnway socks. The leg of the sock has a little candy cane pattern on it, precisely the name of this colorway. I coveted it for almost two hours at knit night last night before I finally broke down and resigned myself to starting the socks over again

I also took advantage of starting over to make some adjustments to the cuff and an update to the chart that I'd been considering. I got through the first cuff and one repeat last night after I got home and it looks really cute in the new yarn!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jul i Juli

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Over the long weekend I finished the pair of socks I was working on, Swirl Socks by Maia D, and was ready to cast on a new project.

I wanted to start another pair of socks, since we have the Stitches and Scones sock retreat this coming weekend. I pulled out the July slip of paper for my personal sock club. I realized that I had already used up the yarn planned for the July socks to design the pattern I made for the sock retreat participants.

Since that idea was a no go, I thought I would try to find another project, maybe something for the July Project Yarnway challenge, which is "Christmas in July" (in Swedish this is "Jul i Juli, " according to another of the Project Yarnway participants). I went down to stand in front of my stash cabinet to see what struck me.

I thought about winding yarn for a sweater, but it's too hot out. I thought about making a scarf for the little one out of the yarn she picked out at the Indiana Handicraft Exchange, but I wasn't sure about the stitch pattern to use. I even thought about just working on the projects I already have going, but that was fleeting.

Finally, my eyes alighted on this skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the Jingle Rock colorway. Christmas! Socks! I immediately remembered a stitch pattern I had wanted to try and had my idea for Project Yarnway. I have one cuff and leg complete, though I've made an adjustment in the chart that may mean I need to rip back. Since I'm just changing one knit stitch in the repeat to a purl, I might be able to manage it by dropping stitches down and picking them up with a crochet hook. I'm really happy with how they are going so far and hope to have both socks and the pattern completed by the end of the month.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Quick note to say that I had a fabulous time at my first TNNA! We arrived Saturday evening and walked the market all day Sunday. Very inspiring to see all of the yarns, patterns, and fiber artists. I can't wait for the items we ordered to come in to the shop - some really fabulous things that I think people will love.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sampler Stripe Stole

Sampler Stripe Stole
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The Ravelry Project Yarnway challenge for May was to learn a new technique and design a beginner project for that technique. I tried to learn to crochet, and designed a stole worked horizontally. It employs rows of single, half double, double, and treble crochet. Each stripe of color is worked in one stitch type, so the crocheter gets a few hundred chances to practice that stitch while working across the row. I am still working on getting a consistent gauge while crocheting, and would like to tackle some more complex stitches as well.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Long

The shawlette I am working on calls for a 24" size 4 circular needle. I was sure I had one, but it turns out that I do not. My Denise Interchangeable Set only has needle tips down to size 5. I didn't get a chance to go to knit night this last week since we wore ourselves out shopping for a chair after a second grade play on Thursday afternoon, and yesterday we had a houseful of kids for an overnight stay so I couldn't pop up to the LYS then either.

I do, however, have two 16" size 4 circular needles. I recently read a tip on Ravelry about using two circulars for shawls or other large pieces to allow yourself to spread the stitches out and see more of the final shape. Turns out it is also a good fix for having two of the almost right needle and none of the correct one.

As my mental accounting of my needle inventory is obviously flawed, I am organizing them into my new namaste circular needle case. Mine is peacock blue, and I bought it with some Loopy Ewe gift certificates from my Project Runway Ravelry pool win. I also picked up an eggplant buddy case, which is a nice step up from my Altiods tin for my scissors and markers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

On the needles

I've settled on my comfortable number of works in progress being between 3 and 5. (The eternal scrapghan is excluded from WIP calculation.) Fewer than that and I get bored, more than that and I feel pressured by my hobby. Sometimes I finish up a number of things all at once and get to cast on a bunch of new projects. Here's what I'm working on now:

Test knit shawlette: First up, and what I've been working on tonight, I am testing a lacy shawlette pattern for Christina of ClassicCableKnits (visit her blog for patterns and adorable baby) and so far it is gorgeous. I am using some Pagewood Farms Chugiak in the Mississippi Mud colorway. The yarn is so pretty that looking at it helped to take the sting out of having to tink back a few rows.

May project yarnway entry: I am learning to crochet for this challenge. My piece is about 90% complete. I need to finish up a stripe and weave in ends. More to come when it's finished.

Boheme baby sweater: knitting complete as of last night. Need to weave in ends and sew on buttons.

Back to Basics sock: May socks for personal sock club. I need more practice on toe-up socks so that they can be more automatic. Only about 15% done with the first sock of the pair.

Another ombre blanket: For Greg. I must love him a little bit to make two of these. This version is in Cascade 220.

Next up to cast on is another baby blanket - I sketched out the pattern today, bought yarn last night, and need to swatch.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lindale Lace Socks

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This sock pattern takes its name from where we were visiting when I designed them. The sock is worked from the top down on double pointed needles and features a vertical eyelet lace pattern and gusset decreases at the top of the stockinette foot. Striping yarn will result in zigzags of color on the leg. Solid colors showcase the unusual gusset decreases.

Pattern has two adult sizes, small and medium. It requires 400-420 yards of fingering weight yarn .

This pattern is available as a free PDF download. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Melisma Shawls

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This pattern was introduced as a mystery shawl knitalong at Stitches and Scones in Spring 2010, and is now available for sale. The charted triangular shawl pattern allows the knitter to choose between different options for the main sleeveline lace motif, textured lace panels, and edgings. By varying which options you choose, the charts in this pattern can be used to create 8 different shawls. Both right and wrong side rows are charted.

570 yards fingering weight yarn. Optional: 420 yards main color and 150 yards contrast color
14 stitch markers
1 removable stitch marker or safety pin
US size 6 (4.0mm) circular needle, 24 inches or longer
Tapestry needle
Blocking pins or wires

Pattern is charted only and includes some intermediate lace stitches such as various double decreases.

Finished width: 60-65 inches

Pattern is available for $6 USD via Ravelry or

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bag It and Tag It

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I'm having a blast participating in the Project Yarnway group on Ravelry. This is the third monthly challenge - create a bag for a specific client for a specific purpose.

This bag is a tea party/picnic tote. My client, pictured, wanted a bag with ten flowers that could hold books, forks and spoons, puppies, and a kangeroo. My input as the designer was to use 7 flowers and ixnay on the kangeroo, but you can see a book, puppy, and fork/spatula in the photo. Not showing in the pic but also in the bag are two doll bottles and a Hot Wheel. So, generally what you need on hand as a preschooler-about-town.

The bag is made from Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica (the green) and Cascade Eco+ (the orange), and embellished with more of the Manos and small amounts of other yarns.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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This is the back view of my latest pattern, Ase, an asymmetrical wrap. The trapezoid shape highlights striped or handpainted yarns. Though written for worsted/aran weight yarn, it can easily be used with other yarn weights.

The PDF pattern is available for purchase as a Ravelry download for $3 USD.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Stash Flash

April 1st is Flash Your Stash Day. Maybe because it's foolish to have all this yarn....?

The "downstairs" yarn and my current WIPs arrayed on the dining room table:

Some closer shots of that group:


More worsted, blanket and sock WIPs near the top:

Sport and DK, Sock


Lace and Mohair

Fingering scraps and scrapghan WIP. You can also see my sock in progress.

The upstairs yarn didn't get out of the drawers.
Cones and worsted scraps:


Acrylic, novelty, the Professor and Mary Ann:

There has been some turnover since my end of year stash photos, but not a lot.  Need to get some of the older stuff out of the way for fresh new yarn!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Babies need blankies

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My brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby, and my friend and her husband are also expecting their first baby. Both little ladies are due to debut in August.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Mystery Knitalong

This weekend, Stitches and Scones is kicking off a mystery-style knitalong of a shawl that I designed. My colleagues at SnS have done a lot of planning and setup work to enable the KAL. Participants are paying $5 and buying their 570 yards of fingering weight yarn at the shop. We will be handing out the first clue Sunday afternoon, and later clues will be distributed via a Yahoo group. I was flattered to be asked to do the design and am really looking forward to getting started. During my last few visits to the shop, it has been fun helping people choose the yarn for their KAL project. I can't wait to see everybody's projects, and hope the knitters enjoy it.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


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I am late in posting, but I finished my Ravelympic sweater last week, in time to medal in Cable Cross-Country and Sweaterboard Cross.

Modifications: I carried the cable all the way down the piece after the fronts joined. I just continued with the cable pattern rows on those 25 stitches, adding 2 purl stitches just before the cable panel to balance the pattern. I also lengthened the body ribbing by about 2-3 inches. I worked the collar before the sleeves, and adjusted the sleeve length to be just a bit longer.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Most of my sweaters to date have not lived up to my hopes for them - this one did!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ravelympic Update

Progress on the Amused sweater:

Day 4 - cross-country, skateboard cross, um…NCIS mini-marathon: Joined to work in the round. I continued the cable down the front. Started the lower ribbing.

Day 5 - women’s and men’s pursuit, curling: Tinked back a few rounds to continue the cable even further. Well into the ribbing at the bottom of the body.

Day 6 - halfpipe, women’s downhill crashing: I am adding a few inches to the ribbing of the body; it seemed a bit short to me at the given length.

Day 7 - halfpipe, men’s skating: Finally finished the body ribbing. Started unzipping provisional cast on to set up the collar for picking up stitches, as I plan to do the collar before the sleeves. I think I would prefer to be working back and forth on the collar with less weight on the piece.

Days 8, 9, 10 - ski cross, mass start biathlon, ice prancing, curling, speed skating, et al: Finished the collar. Wove in all ends as of the end of the collar. Started first sleeve on Day 10.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Amusement

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I am participating in the Ravelympics again this year by attempting to knit a sweater during the Vancouver Games. This photo is my progress as of Sunday night. It isn't true to color - this is a lovely deep teal Dream in Color semisolid. The pattern is Amused, by Jordana Paige.

Progress so far:

Day 1 - opening ceremony: I cast on about 9:09 p.m. and worked up to getting the panels for the front cable joined to the body of the sweater. The yarn is really pretty.

Day 2 - ski jump and speed skating: Progress is somewhat slower than I had hoped. Just like downhill skiing, delays in starting were encountered: errands and laundry were my slush. I am still increasing the yoke and have three cable repeats done on the front panel. The Stitchminder app on my iPhone is proving invaluable as I keep track of multiple row counts and pattern repeats.

Day 3 - moguls, luge, biathlon, pairs skate: I have divided for the sleeves and done about another inch beyond that point. I’m trying to keep my knitting time spaced out with frequent breaks to avoid another bout of tendonitis.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Swatching by Monitor Light

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I just did a quick swatch in preparation for my Ravelympics project, an Amused sweater (pattern by Jordana Paige) in Dream in Color Classy. As best I can tell without actually standing up and turning on the light, I'm getting gauge on the recommended needle size of 9, and I have five skeins of yarn wound up. When the Olympic opening ceremony begins about 23 hours from now, I will be ready.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Another wave of fibrous crime is about to commence. Patterns for Sock Wars V are being posted in a few minutes, and knitters around the world are waiting with yarn and needles at the ready.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Rambeau Collar

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This cozy, reversible cartridge rib collar is a quick one skein project. I knit the prototype in just a few hours. The suggested yarn has some thick and thin attributes, and I think it would look nice in handspun as well.

Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica (100% Wool), 1 skein (100g/138 yards)
16 inch circular needle, US size 10 (6.0mm) or size needed to obtain gauge
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle

Gauge: 3.5 stitches per inch in pattern stitch.

Circumference: 21 inches (Note: To adjust circumference to suit, you can cast on more or fewer stitches in multiples of 4)
Height: 7 inches


CO 72.

Place marker to note beginning of round. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist.

Row 1: *Slip 1 as if to purl with yarn in front, K3*, repeat from * to end of round
Row 2: P1, *slip 1 as if to purl with yarn in back, P3*, repeat from * to last 3 stitches, slip 1 as if to purl with yarn in back, P2

Repeat these 2 rows until piece is 7 inches tall or desired height.

Bind off all stitches. Weave in ends.