Friday, November 09, 2007

Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono

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This is practically done. I'm putting it up today in an effort to shame myself into sewing on the tie closure sometime this weeken, which is all that remains to be completed. It's a baby gift for one of Greg's coworkers.

Yesterday my MIL asked me if she could buy two baby sweater and hat sets from me for two of her work friends adding babies to their families in the next few months. Both are not finding out the gender, so I'm going to do up something unisex for each. I plan to go shopping tomorrow for materials. I've picked out two Debbie Bliss Patterns I haven't made before that look really cute and should be fun to make.

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Shevon said...

For my cheap non-gender specific baby yarn I use Peaches n Cream baby ombre, It's white, pink, blue and purple. I'm using it for my baby kimono (I'm knitpirate on ravelry).