Wednesday, November 14, 2007

False Starts

Finally made it to the LYS today. I bought yarn for the two baby sweaters I'm making for my MIL and a set of size 9 dpns for the second sleeve of my Tilted Duster. I bought some Rowan All Seasons Cotton and some Cascade Luna. I swatched the All Seasons tonight but didn't get gauge. I switched needle sizes and started swatching again, but was distracted by Project Runway (yay!) and went up a needle size when I should have gone down one. I didn't have the right size needle right here in the basket, so I decided to cast on for the duster sleeve. Which, as it turns out, is not on size 9 needles, it's on size 10. Oops. I cast on anyway, and will be Magic Looping it on a circular as I did the first.

During the morning commute I made an inner ear for the BFB and started on the first sole. It's too dark when we leave work now to knit on the way homw.

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