Friday, November 23, 2007

Black (purple, brown and green) Friday

Noro #40
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I didn't do a lot of shopping today, but I did go in the LYS and buy yarn for two Christmas gifts. I got five skeins each of grey Noro Cash Iroha and some lovely mostly-purple Noro Kureyon (not pictured - this photo is what I think is my first Kureyon ever, from April 2005). The Cash Iroha is destined for a scarf and the Kureyon will become a bag.

I need to get my knitting planned out for the next month, since I have some differing deadlines. In order of when things need to be done:

1. First sweater set for Shauna's friend, baby due in December - done today.
2. TPW ornament exchange ornament - knitting is done, exchange is arranged sometime next week. I need to some finishing and get the send-alongs I've planned.
3. A mid-December birthday gift - not started
4. Some ornaments for us or as gifts - optional, really
5. Big-Foot Bunny for Pumpkin's Xmas - most pieces are done, but lots of sewing to do
6. Kureyon bag
7. Post-Xmas, another sweater set for Shauna's other friend

That's just the deadline associated knitting, I also have other projects for me, like my Tilted Duster already in progress and set aside while I work on higher-priority things. I would like to get that finished while its still cool enough to wear it.

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