Thursday, April 01, 2010

Stash Flash

April 1st is Flash Your Stash Day. Maybe because it's foolish to have all this yarn....?

The "downstairs" yarn and my current WIPs arrayed on the dining room table:

Some closer shots of that group:


More worsted, blanket and sock WIPs near the top:

Sport and DK, Sock


Lace and Mohair

Fingering scraps and scrapghan WIP. You can also see my sock in progress.

The upstairs yarn didn't get out of the drawers.
Cones and worsted scraps:


Acrylic, novelty, the Professor and Mary Ann:

There has been some turnover since my end of year stash photos, but not a lot.  Need to get some of the older stuff out of the way for fresh new yarn!


Anonymous said...

You could open your OWN yarn store!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely stash! I have yarn envy!

Mrs. Mashelle Kirkman said...

I thought that I had a lot of yarn, but your staff definitely beats my stash.