Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bag It and Tag It

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I'm having a blast participating in the Project Yarnway group on Ravelry. This is the third monthly challenge - create a bag for a specific client for a specific purpose.

This bag is a tea party/picnic tote. My client, pictured, wanted a bag with ten flowers that could hold books, forks and spoons, puppies, and a kangeroo. My input as the designer was to use 7 flowers and ixnay on the kangeroo, but you can see a book, puppy, and fork/spatula in the photo. Not showing in the pic but also in the bag are two doll bottles and a Hot Wheel. So, generally what you need on hand as a preschooler-about-town.

The bag is made from Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica (the green) and Cascade Eco+ (the orange), and embellished with more of the Manos and small amounts of other yarns.

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Natalie said...

Very cute! The bag and the girl.