Monday, May 02, 2005

Sigma Algebra

I plugged my gauge into the Sigma pattern today. Cast on.....240? Oh, dear. I'm getting all flustered just thinking about it. Obviously I haven't made a grown up sized garment before, but that just sounds like an awful lot. Especially since my method of casting on usually includes many instances of losing count, counting from the beginning, losing count again, recounting, losing count again, recounting, and then running out of yarn for the double cast on about 15 stitches from the end and having to start the whole flipping thing over again.

I know I should just place a marker every twenty stiches or so, and save myself the raised blood pressure. I think 240 stitches may be the scare I need to actually start doing that.


Cheryl said...

When I have to cast on that many stitches I do a knit cast on or a cable cast on. It's just too many for the double cast on!! And the stitch markers every twenty or so stitches really do help, I'm too lazy to use them though :)

Anonymous said...

240 sounds painful. I'm working on the BBBB with 126 right now and it's killing me. I've been using stitch markers every 10 stitches and as I get further along, drop the ones that are just holding random places.

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