Friday, May 06, 2005

A bit of progress

I'd been letting my Tie One On sit for a few days, because I was at the point of picking up stitches and wasn't ready to dive in to a new skill. Cheryl was kind enough to mention that picking up isn't a big deal when I expressed some hesitation about it earlier, and it turns out she was right! I picked up, decreased, and worked most of one tie last night. The tricky part will be making the other one to match.

Sigma is my current traveling knit, since at this stage it's just stockinette for 12 inches. Makes it easy to pick up and put down during the commute or on my lunch break. ChildHood is gathering dust at the moment, but I'll break it back out after I finish Tie One On.

The looming question now, though, is what am I going to take with me on our week-long vacation later this month? I may need a new project!


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