Monday, May 16, 2005

Rip it Good

Saturday I took Ellie on a stroller ride to a nearby Salvation Army thrift shop. I was on the lookout for sweaters to frog and recycle. After reviewing and rejecting several things, I selected three large white cotton sweaters and a tan silk top. The silk top is from Talbots and actually pretty cute - I may wear it as is. If I don't like it, the fiber looks like the perfect weight for the X-back pattern from the last Knitty. Total cost for the four pieces was just under $7.

I managed to rip up two of the cotton sweaters over the rest of the day, which resulted in several big balls of yarn and teensy bits of white thread and fluff all over my floor, rug and furniture. When we get back from our vacation, I plan to try my hand at dyeing it.

Since it is really tragic and wrong to only have one WIP at any time, yesterday I took some leftover Cascade 220 out of my stash basket (stashket?) and cast on for a smallish felted bag of my own design. This will be my first experience with felting, so wish me luck!

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