Monday, November 02, 2009


A while back Greg decided that he would like for me to knit him some fine gauge cashmere gloves. He came into the yarn shop one day while I was working and pointed out some light Ecco Cashmere that he thought would make good gloves and kept dropping good-natured hints that were anything but veiled. "So.....where are my gloves?"

I looked all over Ravelry for a men's glove pattern and had some trouble finding something basic, decently manly, that wasn't fingerless and would work in a fine gauge. I ended up buying Ann Budd's Handy Book of Knitting Patterns, which has recipes for several types of basic knitted items in various sizes and gauges, including a glove pattern. The Ecco is laceweight, so I am holding it double to get eight stitches per inch on a size 1 needle. I finished the first glove yesterday and cast on the second this evening. Greg has been getting frequent fittings and is quite pleased.

I hope to finish up the pair soon, so I can get going on some winter gloves for me and some mittens for the Biscuit. The little mittens might sneak into the rotation before the gloves are done. It's getting cold and her teeny fingers don't hold much heat.

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