Friday, May 22, 2009

Take Cover

My first Sock Wars kill is confirmed!

Places I worked on that pair of socks:

  • My desk at work (cast on over lunch on Friday)
  • Home - also frogged back an inch, grr
  • LAX terminal
  • 30,000 feet above the American Southwest
  • The monorail (monorail, monorail, jazz hands) at the Dallas Airport
  • Dallas Airport terminal
  • 28,000 feet above middle America
  • Rental car
  • Our hotel room
  • Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Indianapolis
  • UA theater in Indy
  • Backseat of tour guides car as we tooled around Indy area - also frogged back an inch here because I was paying attention to the tour and not my sock
  • Backseat of real estate agent's car
  • Greek restaurant somewhere in Indy
  • Office of our real estate agent - finished the toe as we were drafting an offer on a house. He let me have a 2-day FedEx envelope and I sent it out from there on Monday afternoon!

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