Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ready... Aim....Fiber!

Originally uploaded by ShelbyD
The pattern for Sock Wars IV will be released in about 12 hours. I just tested my gauge in my chosen yarn and it's spot on using my favorite 1.5 size needles. I'm excited but don't expect to last too long with everything else going on. My assassin manages a LYS so is probably able to knit at work, whereas I am not. Maybe the vagaries of the postal system will help me out.

The sock pictured is one of a pair of Groovy Socks I made as a warmup to the Sock Wars battle. As of dinnertime tonight they are all done. The leg is a teensy bit loose on me but I plan to give these to my Mom as one of her Mother's Day/thanks for babysitting gift. Greg is picking her up in the morning and she'll be staying here with the girls while we are in Indianapolis.

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