Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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This is an image Greg sent me today, of things getting loaded into the moving truck. (Knitting related content: the white topped plastic containers in the middle contain some of my yarn.)

My third Sock Wars target emailed me yesterday to confirm receipt of her socks - Termiknitter strikes again! She is planning to mail her Barcelonas in progress today, which would mean they should arrive by Friday, the last day I'll be able to get mail in California. My assassin has both addresses, too, but I'm hoping the only socks I get in the mail this week are for me to knit, not wear.

While I'm waiting for socks in progress, I am knitting some....socks. They're just such good travel projects. My June personal sock club socks are being made from some stashed Knit Picks Essential Tweed yarn in the Inca Gold colorway. I'm using the Traveling Vine pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks for the leg and keeping a plain stockinette foot. I'm about 60% with the first one. I have two more skeins of sock yarn in my suitcase in case I finish this pair before we are unpacked at our new home.

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