Sunday, July 08, 2007

Valley Yarn Crawl

Valley Yarn Crawl
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We were over in the Valley a few days ago dropping off the Mini for scheduled service, and checked out a few very nice yarn stores in the area, Le Knitterie Parisienne and Stitch Cafe. I liked them both, but I especially liked the friendly, approachable staff at Stitch Cafe. They have a lovely display of handpainted yarn in the center of the store, much of it dyed on site under their Amore Colore label. They also offer classes. I'll be shopping there again, especially because they are OPEN ON SUNDAYS. You read it right, an LYS actually open all weekend!

Haul from the crawl, as pictured, included three skeins of dyeable sock superwash, my first skeins of Koigu, three skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed, and a gorgeous pair of size 8 rosewood Lantern Moon needles.

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