Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Welcome Back, NBaT

I picked up my long-neglected Tshirt two nights ago, and have made it up past the armholes on the front piece. I don't know why I let it sit so long, but if I had to guess I would say that I just needed projects that didn't require a whole lot of concentration.

Aforementioned projects include a baby hat of red and blue Cotton-Ease held together for my new boss, who is expecting a baby in early October. When I brought it in to give to her, another woman in my group asked if I could make a bright hat for her toddler. I just happened to have a striped toddler-sized hat completely knit, wanting only a tie and woven-in ends. I had done it on a long car ride just to have something to do with my hands, out of three of the Caron Simply Soft colors I had left over from make the striped blanket. As it turns out, it will fit her daughter perfectly.

I also made a very simple garter stitch triangle shawl out of almost all the rest of the sari silk I had on hand, on size 13 needles. It only took two days and I really like how it turned out. They seriously crank the AC in this office, and I thought it would be nice to have something at my desk that I could cover up with as needed. I've had at least four people in my office ask if I would make one for them. I will try to remember to take it home and get a photo. No photos of the hats will be forthcoming, as I gave them away before snapping shots. Sorry!

Speaking of sari silk, Jill over at The Knitting Lane is making a bias scarf from a pattern I posted a while ago. I love all the pinks in her yarn.It looks great so far, and I'm tickled that someone is using that pattern.

Still crazy busy, and it's about to ramp up in September, with Ellie's birthday, the beginning of tot soccer practices (yes, I will be driving my kid to soccer in my minivan. Shut up. I'm a musician. I used to be wicked cool! Well, not me personally, but some of my friends were wicked cool.), the ramp-up of my new position, and Greg's grand grad school adventure. FUN!

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Colleen said...

Come on . . . us soccer moms have to hold our heads high despite the ridicule.

My husband used to make me drive a full-size conversion van, though. Ick.