Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oy, the busyness

I'm here, I'm alive, I'm even knitting a little. We've been out of town the last two weekends and it's all I can do to keep us in clean clothes, let alone blog. I'm so used to those two days to get caught up with groceries, housework, and some relaxation.
I've been quite busy at work, and having to cart my laptop back and forth every day, so I haven't been bringing knitting over lunch much either. I did sneak in some rows on a dishcloth during breaks one day of a multi-day meeting I had last week, and did some more dishcloths over our trip this last weekend.

My brain is so fried that I've been gravitating toward the small and easy. The aforementioned dishcloths, and a couple of baby hats, that kind of thing. I still haven't had a chance to felt Maggie's puppy bed, but it is definitely on tap for this weekend.

Sharon tagged me for a meme, and I am finally getting around to replying:

10 years ago:
I was 19, about to start my second year of college, and had just moved out of my mother's into an apartment with my friend Kim. It was one bedroom, which we shared, and we had to hide the cat from the neighbors. We had a Beatles poster, a beaded curtain, a papasan chair, and bright dishes. We wrote songs together, rode the bus to school together, since neither of us had a car, and had old married couple fights about going out to dinner. Kim is still one of my closest, most insane friends.

5 years ago:

I'd been married for almost a year, and we were living in an apartment in Ventura. We liked to walk downtown and go to the movies and used bookstore just about every weekend. (I miss the movies!) On sunny days and Sundays I loved to go to the park across the street and read, then fall asleep in the grass. (I miss naps, too.)

1 year ago:

Ellie was about to turn two, and we'd been in our house for a couple of months, which meant we were taking to trips to Home Depot just about every day. It was our first summer in Simi Valley, and August is HOT here, so we were loving the central air conditioning. Ellie was already so much more kid than baby, and her personality was really starting to shine with her increased vocabulary.

Went back to work after two days off for Greg's sister's wedding. Caught up on a lot of work for the project I'm working on (which I really like - am so glad I am working on this). Found a desk to sit at with both a phone and a network connection, a wonderful thing for the cubicle nomad I've been these last few weeks. Started a more sensible eating plan which I do not want to call a diet. Had dinner at home, did a load of laundry right out of our suitcase, watched an Elmo video with Ellie while Greg mowed the lawn, and played a very long game of fetch with Maggie. Read my New Yorker while putting Ellie to sleep, and conked out while watching the Daily Show. Yesterday was a good day.

Forgot my breakfast, but remembered to bring my coffee out of the car. Had a busy but productive day at work. I got to Ellie's classroom first, so I got to play with her for about fifteen minutes while we waited for Greg, and that was a lot of fun. Greg started dinner when we got home, and Ellie and I walked around the corner for some bread and bananas. Knitted a bit of dishcloth while putting Ellie to bed, and finally am updating my blog. Will watch a Lynley Mystery from Netflix before bed. Today's a good day, too.

Meetings at work. Camping Day at school for Ellie, for which I've already put her sleeping bag and flashlight in the car to avoid forgetting it in the morning. No big plans for the evening other than the usual routine.


Sharon said...

I like your answers, sounds like you had a lot of fun in your college days. I love the beatles, even though they were around sooooo many years ago their music is great.

Amy said...

Glad to see you back.

It's nice to have some easy comfort knitting to turn to when work is crazy.

We need to see more pictures of your puppy!

jill said...

I need to say thank you for the Bias scarf pattern for the Sari Silk. It is working great! I posted a link to it on my blog and a pic of my progress... and a few other people want to make it now. Thank you!

GregD said...

Life moving fast enough for you yet?