Monday, July 11, 2005

Must. Not. Start. New. Thing.

I am trying really hard not to cast on for a new project. I've got the yarn and needles to make a doggie bed for Maggie, and I've balled up some of my Kureyon to start on a felted bag. My two needle options for the bag are currently in use for my NBaT and baby blanket, one of which I should finish before starting something new. I really should. Really really really should.

I think I just want some quick gratification. I'm almost 2/3 of the way through the blanket, but there's still lots of repetitive knitting to go. I'm maybe 2/5 done with the front piece of my T-shirt, so sleeves and seaming are yet to come. Childhood, dusty in the nether regions of the basket, is less than half done. I tore out Branching Out and won't be restarting it. The doggie bed is on big needles and would let me try Magic Loop. Maybe if I tell myself it's educational.....


ladylinoleum said...

I keep lists of projects: finished, in process, future ideas. This is the way I keep myself from having 20 million WIPs. When I finish an in process (of which I allow myself to max out at 5 depending upon size) I move to finished list then I can start a new one. Works for me.

La Cabeza Grande said...

I, too have "startitis". Unfortunately, I don't have Lady Linoleum's discipline.

The only thing that has ever worked for me are hard deadlines, i.e. birthdays, holiday gift, baby arrival, etc. Otherwise, I'm sunk.

Funny. I just blogged about this minutes ago: