Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blanket & Bag

I finished the knitting on the striped baby blanket earlier this week. I want to weave in the ends before I post a photo, because wanting to post a photo is the only way I'll feel motivated to weave in the ends. Know what I mean?

About ten seconds after I finished the last stitch of the blanket, I cast on for a felted bag with the Noro Kureyon I bought off of eBay. I'm not using a pattern, but have been inspired by several of the Black Sheep bags. I've already finished the body of the bag and am working on the strap. I am deeply in love with the Noro - springy and bright and such gorgeous colors. I'll have to keep searching for deals on it.


Sharon said...

Hi Shelby I have been tagged so of course I now have to tag 3 people so I have tagged you. Check my blog for the questions.

bag said...

Hi there " ShelbyD " --- I was in the search engines researching SEO Software when I came upon your blog..... I don't know if you are out of place in the engines, or I am out of place and just don't realize it :-)