Thursday, April 28, 2005

Knitting Over Lunch

At least a few times each week, I knit in my cube over my lunch break.

Yay, knitting!
Relaxing in the middle of the day
Progress on projects
Mind, lulled by knitting, occassionally comes up with great work-related ideas, like today's Excel lookup formula brilliance

Cuts into eating time
Cuts into blogging time
Cuts into reading other blogs, while eating, and wishing I could knit one-tenth as well as other people time

Pros definitely outweigh cons at this point.

Over today's break I worked more on Tie One On. I have about 9.5 inches so far, and in 1.5 more I get to start working the stripe pattern with the contrast yarn. I'm glad the rows get shorter as I work up the pattern, because they are looooonnnnnng right now. Also, the bamboo circulars I'm using don't have the smoothest join, so I'm constantly having to stop and scootch stitches onto the left needle, which is a bit annoying. On the whole, though, it's going pretty well, and I think the gift recipient will like it.

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