Friday, March 25, 2005

Stash enrichment

When I started to knit, I decided I needed somewhere to put all of my yarn and knitting supplies. We made a trip to Ikea around that time, and I picked up a huge snake-charmer looking basket. I thought I would never have enough yarn on hand to even get close to filling up that basket. I'm going to pause for a second here, as my laughter at this misconception is giving me a bit of a side cramp.

Another couple of balls for the basket I picked up today, spending part of my lunch hour at Eva's Needlework: a pale pink skein of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere, another skein of the Patois I'm using for Ellie's Haiku sweater, and a multi-colored Berroco Lullaby in springy colors. The Lullaby and CC are for more baby hats. I finished my Easter Egg hat last night, and want to make another one so that I can make sure my pattern works. Not sure exactly what I'll do for the Lullaby hat, but isn't that what stash yarn is for?

I looked and looked for something to make this tank, but my inability to wear wool really cuts down on my choices. I was looking at some cotton, and may go that route eventually. As it is, I only ended up using half of my gift certificate today, so I get to make another trip to Eva' partially funded by my Valentine.

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