Thursday, May 01, 2014

Descending into Madness

I have been participating in Sock Madness for the first time.  I am a member of Team Courageous.  The competition is currently in Round 3, and so far I am still in it!  My husband has co-opted both my round 2 and 3 pairs as they are a bit big for me. 

Gray socks below are round one, Brucies.  Purple socks are round two, Diamond Shreddies. Rainbow cuff socks are around three when they were in progress, Rainbow Pipes and Linen Stitch.

While waiting for the next round to begin, I have been working on a log cabin baby blanket for a friend from work.  Also have a second impending workplace baby to knit for and have no clue what to start.

In a moment of weakness, since the Madness has been so enjoyable, I also signed up for Tour de Sock, and will be knitting along with other members of my Sock Madness team.

Note to self: Self, the entrelac blanket WIP is in the office closet. You will not remember on your own.

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