Wednesday, July 04, 2012

An Extra Day

Having a Wednesday off is just weird. I've spent today doing some of the things I wish I had more time (or motivation) to do around the house. Some of them were mundane, like going through the books in the office to weed out items to donate, or actually putting the bags for Goodwill in the car. Syncing my phone with the main computer so it can download the latest OS (and upload 23 months worth of photos). Some were more fun, like loading up a laundry basket full of my newer yarn and taking it outside to get photos, then updating my Ravelry stash. Photo shoot was very quick because it is still brutally hot.

I downloaded the Wooly app this afternoon and it's ultracool to update Rav right from my phone. I recommend it.

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FoFo said...

Lovely yarns!!!