Friday, December 18, 2009

It's not too late! I hope.

I knit some gifts for Christmas this year. They were made for specific people, well ahead of time, and set aside in my knitting cupboard. Last week I even wrapped them. I realized only today that maybe mailing the gifts would be a good idea, seeing as how Christmas is just a few days away. The last two boxes are on the way out right now.

It reminded me of how much I love my Click 'n' Ship account with the US Postal Service. Postage from my printer!! I made a lot of use of during the last Sock Wars. I'm glad I've dusted off the account in advance of Sock Wars V, which is starting up in January. Termiknitter 2!

If, like me, you have inadvertently left a few people's gifts to the last minute, or if you just can't face the post office, consider joining me in sending the electronic joy of an Amazon gift certificate.


Natalie said...

I just sent out my dad's present today. While doing so I ran into someone from church who was sending out her parents' presents. Your in good company.

bonnie said...

Hi Shelby,
I just found your hat pattern for "Perpendicular" and got that excited feeling I get when I find "the one" I'm going to make. I love it.
I'm reading your blog and I came across another hat you posted on July 7, 2008, It looks like a Noro yarn.
Do you have the pattern and the yarn, quantity, etc.. It's getting chilly in Marin County, Ca.
I love your blog and your adorable children.
Bonnie- frenziedfingers@earthlink.nete