Monday, June 25, 2007

Movie Knitting

This weekend I discovered that I can knit in the semi-dark, and have a red Grandmother's Favorite dishcloth to show for it, cast on and about two-thirds knit during a matinee showing of Nancy Drew. I finished the rest that evening after studying for a bit. The girls tried it out during their bath last night, and it turned their water quite pink - the bright red Sugar 'n' Cream I used is apparently not colorfast.

Speaking of Nancy Drew, knits were prominent in a few of the characters costumes. Several novelty scarves, a bright green loose gauge sweater with big buttons, etc. In one party scene, Nancy wears a white shrug-capelet with random red squiggly bits of yarn tied on to it, and it gave me an idea for a similar garment (sans squiggly bits).

I have also recently finished my Rapid Fire socks and another little baby hat, this one for a co-worker's little boy due in about six weeks.

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