Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Worst Blogger Ever

Let's just get it out there - it has been months since I updated. There was quite a stretch there where I was either asleep, at work, or throwing up, and my knitting and blogging have suffered. Yes, gestation can be rough on the hobbies.

Work is still hell, but I am no longer falling asleep at 8:00 (I'm up 'til 9:30, woo!), and have just cast a little sweater for my wee child-to-be, in honor of today's discovery that we are having another baby girl. It's Julie's Itchy Fingers from the Yarn Girls Guide to Kid Knits. I found a cute pic of a finished one at Janet Knits. I'm using some multi-hued Berroco Lullaby in blues and purples.

As I was started the ribbing at the bottom of the first piece, and watching the Olympics, I remembered how much I like doing this. Bring on the tiny knits!


Sharon said...

Hi Shelby, welcome back I was wondering where you had been lately. Oh you poor thing, you sound exactly like me when I am pregnant.

That little jumper looks gorgeous, at least you still feel like knitting.

La said...

glad I hung around, and glad to see you posting again!