Wednesday, January 26, 2005

New Headband

I was knitting away on the baby blanket last night while I put Ellie to sleep. When she dropped off, however, her sleep was pretty light. My baby blanket project is in a plastic bag, to keep it clean when I put in my work tote. A very noisy plastic bag. Rather than wake up the kid, I abandoned the blanket in her room for the night.

I'd been thinking about trying to make a simple headband, so I picked up a small ball of yarn left over from Ellie's rainbow hat, and set to work designing one. It was easy and quick, and I enjoyed making something up. I finished binding it off in the car this morning. Now that I've tried it with scrap yarn, I'm going to make some small adjustments to the pattern and knit up a "real" one. I think ribbon yarn would be cool.


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